Out of the frying pan


and into the heat!

After 52 years my Mom’s electric frying pan bit the dust.
To most people this statement would strike a note of “big deal”. You have to know my Mom. First, she is a creature of habit. Second, she has unusually intense attachments to objects that seem out of date and useless. A comb with most of the teeth missing. Old plastic containers of a certain shape and size. A paring knife with a handle that is broken off. All are among the cherished.

The electric frying pan was an indispensable tool according to Mom. She had often tried to get my sisters and I electric frying pans of our own. They were so handy she would tell us. My youngest sister was the only one to take the bait. Fortunately this meant Mom had a back up when her pan died. On the other hand, I was told it was not the same as her old pan and asked to see if I could find any sources online that might remedy the situation. Stay tuned . . . the saga continues.


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