Luscious lemon


Lemons are wonderful. They smell great and have that beautiful intense sunny color that perks up the world around it. Even if that happens to be the fridge in which it sits. I use lemon quite frequently to add brightness to what ever I am cooking; a stir fry, marinade for some kind of meat or fish, in salad dressing, over steamed veggies. And don’t forget the zest! If a baking recipe calls for lemon juice I will add a bit of the zest. It really carries the lemony flavor. Here again, on a piece of grilled fish the zest is just marvelous.

Dan and I recently had lunch at the home of a friend. For dessert she served plain vanilla ice cream drizzled with limoncello. Just a tiny bit of this lemony liquor over the rich vanilla iced cream gives you a grown up version of a lemon creamsicle. It is a revelation both in taste and simplicity. Try it!

Buon Appetito!


  1. First time on your blog…love it! I’ve always been impressed with the variety of interests you have and knowledge in many areas. What a great showcase for your talents! Look forward to reading more! C

  2. Thanks Carolyn!
    Glad to have you taking a peek. It has been so crazy this week I have not had a chance to post much. I am trying to get more art on here. Stay tuned!


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