game, set, match


Ok, I must confess that I love to watch tennis. At the beginning of each slam I think it won’t be the same this time. I will not be drawn in match after match but am soon mesmerized by the drama.

This week was the beginning of Wimbledon and today was the day the Queen visited. There is something about the contrast of historical protocol mixed into our modern lives that is fascinating to watch. Sports stars and announcers bowing to royalty. The crowds stopping to applaud her majesty.

As an artist I love the colors that the Queen wears. Today, a deep robin’s egg blue and a wonderful hat. As a gardener, I love that she always is given flowers. As a designer it is a joy to see a royal brooch. Once again the contrast of the historical with our modern lives.

I could not be a fan of the game without mentioning the epic match that we still await the finish of; John Isner and Nicolas Mahut tied at 2 sets all, 59 games all. This is a reason to love watching the game. Who could have dreamed of a tennis match lasting 3 days? Extraordinary . . .and we are only in day 4!


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