Great grains – easy dinner


Grains are a great way to make a salad a bit more hearty. Here in the heat of summer a little prep work in the morning yields a dinner worthy salad that adapts easily to the bounty of vegetables available in summer. When your favorite veggies are ripe you simply toss them in. Here is my latest adaptation of this type of salad:

1 box of Near East Rice Pilaf*
1 lemon
olive oil
fresh ground black pepper
fresh basil, chopped

fresh grated parmesan or romano cheese
vegetables of your choice, chopped to edible size
salad greens, torn into pieces

Prepare the rice per package directions. When cooked, add zest and juice of your lemon, a good slosh of olive oil, pepper to taste and refrigerate. Just before eating add basil, cheese, vegetables and salad greens. If you would like more dressing, add a bit more lemon and olive oil. Toss, adjust seasoning to your taste and serve.

* You can use any grain here; couscous, farro, quinoa, bulgur wheat, wheat berries are just a few others that are terrific here. Cook accordingly and proceed with the lemon and so forth.

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