Picasso looks at Degas


I spent a marvelous day yesterday with my mixus mates at the Sterling and Francine Clark Institute in Williamstown, Mass.

The current exhibit is Picasso looks at Degas. It pairs works by Degas with works by Picasso to demonstrate how Picasso was most likely influenced by Degas. Lots of dancers and bathers. I happen to love Degas’ bronzes. It was fun to see them juxtaposed against Picasso’s much more abstract, geometric sculptures mimicking the Degas poses.

The Clark is a wonderful museum. It sits in a valley in the Berkshires among the hills and cow pastures and houses a world class collection of art including Old Masters, Impressionists, and American artists such as Winslow Homer, Mary Cassatt and John Singer Sargent. The Sargent, Fumée d’Ambre Gris (Smoke of Ambergris) should not be missed. It is the most exquisite example of white being every color except white.

If you find yourself in the Berkshires by all means try and see this gem of a museum!

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