Summer Campers


My nephew is flying in tomorrow to go to summer camp here in Connecticut. My sister booked the week of camp back in April. We have been planning the menu for the weekends (flying in, flying out) since my sister started entertaining the idea of sending him to this camp in March.

My experience of people who have lived through the depression and World War II is that they have ingrained survival instincts when it comes to food on hand. There is plenty of back up. You know, in case the world falls apart. At least we have food.

My Mom has two sets of shelving downstairs as back up for the pantry in the main kitchen. In addition, there is a full freezer and extra refrigerator downstairs. These instincts also apply to guests at my parents house. The proper menu must be configured to please all; no nuts or shellfish for my nephew, no red meat for my Chicago sister, need to have things my 3 year old niece will eat, crackers and cheese for all.

And so it is that my nephew will go off to the summer camp we attended years ago full of ham and turkey (the white meat option). I have had several calls this week to go through the menu that has been in place for weeks. Will I make the dip? Yes, Mom. Will I make sure there are plenty of vegetables? Yes, got it. I hear my Dad sigh in the background on phone call number 7.

Can’t wait for the trip to camp with my nephew, my sister, my parents and I all piled into the car for the ride!

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