Driving By


We all piled into the car last Sunday and took my nephew to camp. It takes 4 adults to take one 10 year old to camp one hour away from his Grandparents home. We left almost 2 hours early. When it was clear that we were not going to run into traffic (duh) a quick decision was made to stop and eat lunch. Of course this was after my sister had made my nephew eat the sandwich she had packed for him. You may have noticed, food is a priority for my family.

We had a nice meal and climbed back into the car. My parents were in the front and every few minutes or so we would hear, “Oh that is still there“, “Oh that went out. That is too bad.” We would all look to catch a glimpse of the store front that still stood in the determined status as we continued on our journey. Looking back I don’t know what surprised us more, that a business was still open some 30 odd years later or that it had closed. It was like we were expecting these places to survive our once every 3 decades drive by. I am not even sure how many of these places we had ever even been in.

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