Key Words; authentic


Artists are asked about art and specifically their artwork all the time. At first it is a daunting task to find words to put to such a visual process. But eventually, it is helpful to think about what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you are doing it. I have discovered that defining key words for myself helps me to speak about and define my art.

The word AUTHENTIC is, for me, one of the roots to my artwork. No matter what images, ideas, colors or processes present themselves, I want to be sure that I stay true to my artistic soul. If the artwork does not feel authentic to me then I feel removed from it. In most cases, I have to come back to it to examine why I feel that way about it and make revsions.

Will share more of my key words down the road. Would love to hear from you what helps you define your artwork. Anyone else use key words?

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