Tana French


Tana French’s new novel, Faithful Place came out this past Tuesday. There is no question that I will get a copy and soon. Her past two novels; The Likeness and In the Woods were each wonderful mysteries, hard to put down and beautifully written.

No, the question is not if to buy, the questions is where to buy? You see, until this past February my store of choice; The Bookworm, was where I would have already been and purchased a copy. Since they closed their doors it is painful to go into a big box bookseller or even online to order a book. I miss the walk to the center of town, the cheerful face behind the counter, the bit of conversation we would have as they rang up my purchase. In fact,  I am not sure I would have read Tana French if it were not for their recommendation.

Of course I will choose a seller and get the book. Tana’s books are not to be missed. But buying a book will never be as good as it was at a small independent bookseller only a walk away from home.

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