The house of antiquated fans


Last summer my sister’s family stopped in Connecticut on their way from Chicago to the Maine coast for vacation. My niece, who was 6 at the time, remarked on my parents “antique toilet seat”. It seems she had decided that a wood toilet seat must be an antique toilet seat. We all got a good laugh out of this.

On my nephew’s recent trip to Grandma’s, the heat demanded my sister go up in the attic to get a fan for the guest bedroom. When she turned it on a disk on the front of the fan flew across the room. When she told my Dad about this he said, “oh, I should have warned you about that”.

On further inspection my sister found that other fans in the house all had issues. One no longer goes on low, only medium and high. The one in the den where my parents spend most of their time seems mechanically ok. It is just too small for the room. Considering that these all date back to the 70’s I guess we should be happy that they work at all. I asked if I could get them a new one and they insist they do not need one. Antique fans and antique toilet seats, go figure!

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