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When did every television channel decide it was their right to take up my tv screen? It started with station bugs (those logos down in the corner of your screen). As a visual person that is distracting enough. Now they need to tell me who sponsored the broadcast, what show I am watching (like I did not know), that it is a new episode (presumably because they broadcast so many repeats) and what is coming up next. These all take place over the picture of the show I am watching. Now Comcast has a screen that pops up across the bottom of my screen for several seconds to tell me what show just started on the channel I am watching or that I could be watching it in HD.

It would be more helpful if they would give us an opt-out button. A button that turns all this stupidity off. I know what I am watching and what channel I am watching it on, thank you very much. Take the extra stuff off my screen. If they worked on better programming instead of garbage to go on my screen they would not have to give us 5 minutes of commercials for every 10 minutes of show.


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