10 ways to begin again


I have quite a few artist friends who have recently spent time away from their art and are now struggling to get back into it. I have experienced this myself and am empathetic to their frustration. Here is a brief list of some of things that recharge my artistic endeavors.

  • go to a museum
  • take a walk in your neighborhood or local park, take a sketch book and make some doodles
  • walk around with your digital camera and take pictures of anything that strikes you fancy; colors, patterns, architecture
  • clean your studio space and uncover the treasures you have hidden away
  • go to a bookstore or library and look through anything with images
  • scribble; get a big piece of paper and let loose
  • go to an art supply store and look around for something new to try
  • meditate; take 5 minutes to clear your mind and clean out the cob webs, then gently focus your mind on your next creation
  • sit down and draw with children, they will inspire you
  • open a magazine and tear out a dozen things that inspire you artistically

Happy creating, now go to it!

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