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Happy Cyber Monday!

In honor of the season of giving (or is that buying?), I would like to share some of my favorite tips for getting fun gifts. I tend to shop all year long for presents whether they be for the Christmas holidays or any other event; birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings . . .

So there is tip #1: Shop all year long. Keep an eye out for things that might fit the bill for someone you gift to. If you are apt to forget or not find it again purchase there and then.

#2: Shop museum gift shops. Museum shops are a win win for unique and interesting gifts. They are one of my favorite places to find clever gifts for kids. My favorites include momastore.org and cooperhewitt.org. In Connecticut the Wadsworth Atheneum and New Britain Museum of American Art are good local bets.

#3: Shop local. A short distance from my house is the center of town where I have tried and true favorite shops. Get to know the shopkeeper by frequently browsing the shop. You never know what tidbit of information might come your way by knowing the people where you shop.

#4: Shop online. Bookmark favorite sites and if you shop there often, register. I shop online frequently but just as often I research my purchase online. I look for prices, reviews and discounts before buying. And don’t forget the free shipping!

#5: Shop handmade. If you are good at something that you can share give it as a gift. I often gift a frozen homemade meal to my seniors. For kids, a gift made with something they made or a photo of them in it adds a special touch. T-shirts, journals and magnets are just a few ideas that might fit the bill. When in doubt, etsy.com has tons of creative, well made items that are almost as good as homemade.

Happy shopping!

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