Sock it to me


It should not be this difficult. To find a pair of socks that fits well and is comfortable. But it is. I just bought a bunch of sports socks to replace the ones I wear constantly. You know the kind. They are sold in sets of 6 pairs and are frequently worn by golfers and tennis players. I bought the same size and the same brand. To put it mildly these socks suck, literally. About 10 minutes into my treadmill trek they get sucked down the back of my foot so I either have to stop and adjust them or risk getting a blister. You would think that my feet are huge or something to affect the sock that way but they are not. They are a perfectly average woman’s size 8.

My husband does have large feet. This makes finding shoes and socks that fit a feat in itself. His recent purchase of a bag of tube socks also resulted in socks that sucked but these started mid-calf height and ended up down around the ankle in a pile. Apparently extra-large socks means the elastic is so loose they do not stay up.

There are some bright spots in the sock world. If you have not tried them Smart Wool socks are a revelation. They come in fun patterns and a weight that is not too thin or too heavy. The best part is they keep your feet warm in winter without being bulky. The cost put me off at first but they are worth the investment to make your feet toasty happy.

Another triumph in the sock world is Little Miss Matched. These come in fun patterns and in sets of 3. Yes, they don’t match and that is the point. Created for women of all ages they are comfortable fun for your feet and resolve the odd sock problem once and for all. Now I can work on the problem of ill-fitting underwear. Kapow!

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