We Love You Mark Bittman


This week Mark Bittman published his last Minimalist column for the New York Times. It is the end of an era and one I am already remembering fondly with a sad sigh of loss.

I was given a copy of How to Cook Everything back in the nineties. The simple, functional recipes have made it one of my go-to cookbooks among the  hundreds that inhabit our house. There are a select few that make the well worn go-to pile; The Moosewood Cookbook, The Way to Cook, and How to Eat are ones that come to mind. All of these sport the wear of diehard use. Mr. Bittman’s books however, have managed to top the pile. Both the original version and the vegetarian version are where I look first for meal ideas, recipe solutions, and menu inspiration.

Each week I have anticipated the column’s next topic and recipe. Even when it became clear that the last thing I needed was another recipe he would suck me in and tempt with something new, be it recipe or ingredient. MexicanChocolate Tofu pudding? Farro? Pot Stickers? Flatbread? All are now part of my repertoire.

The thing about food is two-fold; we need to eat and we like to eat delicious food. The Minimalist has inspired us to do both and do it better. Most of all what we have learned is to not take it too seriously. It is just food after all and there is always another meal ahead.

Thank you Mark Bittman.


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