Critique Mystique


It is fashion week in NYC and that means lots of articles in the press about designers and their fall collections. All arts are interconnected. Keeping up with what is happening on stage, screen, print and walls everywhere can only serve me well in the long run. As someone who loves print and patterns it has been great to see some fantastic interpretations. I love the playful stuff!

Skimming through pix of various runway line ups and articles, I did get the impression that speaking ill of long standing icons of design was taboo. They are apparently exempt from the critical eye of the press as younger, newer designers are not. Why, I am not sure.

Even when a designer clothed models in lifeless, nude colors with strange ill fitting chests of folded, draped fabric. If the same designs were created by an up and coming designer I believe they would have been skewered by the press. Since this designer has a long established career I guess not saying much about the collection overall says something but I expect more. It is ridiculous that a designer should create clothes so contrived that a stylist needs to come with the garment.

Despite the above blip, there are a lot of beautiful, well-conceived creations on the NYC runways this time out. Fresh enough to begin looking forward to spring.

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