The Lost Thing


On Sunday afternoon Dan and I went to see the Oscar nominated animated short films. I fell in love with the film The Lost Thing and was pleasantly surprised when it took home the Oscar. The work in this category is so diverse and wonderful it is difficult to decide how a winner will emerge from such incomparables.

The other lost thing is the meaningful story missed among the agendas and evening gowns. As they called the names of nominees throughout the evening it occurred to me that Helena Bonham Carter was in 4 of the films nominated for honors. How extraordinary is that? And I can’t help but think of how incredible that range is from the terrible red queen and Bellatrix Lestrange to the Queen Mum and the Squirrel Mom in The Gruffalo. I suppose that Hollywood is too busy being a marketing machine to notice? More reason that such a wonderful film as The Lost Thing should point out how we are so busy that we miss some really magical things.

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