Life enters, stage left


The last week or so has been tumultuous. Obviously on a global scale  in Japan and regions attached to that part of the Pacific but also personally. I assisted in getting 24 hour care for my Aunt (soon to be 90) and my Uncle (in his late 80s). My Uncle has yo yo’d between hospitals, rehab and home with various maladies of age for the last few years. This time the rehab place insisted that he could only go home if he had someone to help 24 hours a day. The issue of concern is random blackouts; only for a minute but unpredictable despite their infrequency. Convincing these private, independent seniors that it was necessary to invest in this care was a battle. Who can them blame them? Yes, there is something worse than being sent to a nursing home. There is losing your independence in your very home. The one you built, decorated and spent 50 years living in.

There was the friend, acquired through an art workshop, who is on week 4 of hospice care. She continues to live despite no food or drink in over a week and incredible pain. The Hospice workers are baffled at her continued existence when medically it should not be. And there is the other art friend, diagnosed with Leukemia in February in week 4 of chemo and drug therapies. Miraculously she went into remission last week and today I have heard that her white blood cells have begun to increase.

There are a few other hospital admissions and illnesses that I won’t go into. It has been a lot to think about and process. Work of any kind seems far away.

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