Hug the Earth!


In the past year we have wreaked havoc on Mother Earth. With wars, oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico and now radiation pouring out in Japan, do we need more evidence that we need to conquer our destructive ways?

Once upon a time we were invigorated to save our planet. I would like to recommend we revisit that state of being. I truly believe that we can all make small changes. If we all make half a dozen small adjustments, we will make a difference.

Four or five years ago Dan and I started traveling with our own shopping bags, using CFL’s, unplugged our electrics when not in use and tried to buy locally grown food as often as possible. We already were growing vegetables and herbs in the garden. Sure it was difficult at first. We’d sometimes forget the bag or leave the toaster plugged in. But these small contributions are a way of life now. Are we perfect? Absolutely not. I hope some day to be able to afford the big ticket items that really contribute; solar panels, geo thermal, or a hybrid. But every drop in the bucket counts.

Let’s embrace Mother Earth today and every day. She has sustained us thus far. Let’s help her sustain future generations as well. Happy Earth day!


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