I am thinking . . .


There it is. It came to me as a morning show was on my tv for background noise as I prepared for my day. Has anyone else noticed the decline of media production or is it just me? We now get gossip reports on the main news. The segment that is plugged all morning and highlighted as a feature is then cut short when it runs longer than the 4 minutes they allowed for it. “Oh, I am sorry we have to go to commercial.” We will never know how to finish the dish or remedy the illness that they were just describing. We return from 5 minutes of commercials to the hosts congratulating themselves on such a terrific segment.

vapid, I thought to myself. This ridiculous mediocrity. I quickly found the off button as the host introduced a guest who was to regale us with the virtues of adding flowers to our lives. “They just perk everything up. Add a vase of tulips on your desk to brighten your day!” Really? Like this is new or we never would have, could have thought of it. Um, in what century did they start doing this? Like the first?

At a time when there is so much need in the world can we really afford this mediocrity? It is a bit of a slap in the face to witness people being paid big bucks for delivering such low quality programming. My question now is, how can we, the consumer, change that?

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