Seeking the original


I routinely browse through stacks of books and magazines to get inspired for art. This is not where my ideas come from but it is where I can see what my work wants to be. It is kind of an in-between state of gathering breath to move forward.

This has led me to notice some trends that just irk the heck out of me. Such as contrived vignettes that are supposed to look impromptu and gathered over time but are overly formal; Mixed groupings of artwork on a wall – sometimes successful but it is tricky. It has become such the in thing that to pull it off is even more difficult than it used to be; Upholstered headboards – don’t get me wrong the idea is appealing. But must every bed in the entire magazine feature one?.

Leave it to our society to over do until it loses its caché. I can’t wait till originality is the in thing!

One comment

  1. Gretchen

    I have been trying to find you for years….contact me at gwendolyn970@aol.com

    Hope to catch up friend!

    Gwendolyn Dong

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