Dear Ruth


Ruth lived across the street and up the hill from the first house I ever lived in. She also attended the same church as my family. She was tiny, maybe 5 feet tall. She worked downtown, took the bus and enjoyed UConn basketball games and Whalers hockey. She never let meager means or ailing health hold her back.

Long ago at a church tag sale I purchased some 1940’s pink glasses from Ruth. When Dan and I bought our house a year or so later, Ruth had run across the matching pitcher and gave it to us as a gift. It was so thoughtful. I still only bring the set out for special occasions. To thank Ruth I clipped a bouquet of these roses, placed them in an odd glass that I had and left them for her with a thank you note. She said it was the prettiest bouquet she had ever received.

Ruth has been gone for several years now. The roses were in bloom the other day and looking quite beautiful. Something so simple that made her smile. She never would presume to be remembered but I remember. I remember dear Ruth and her generous heart each time these roses are in bloom. Thank you Ruth!

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