Something is in the air!


I keep running into clients who want things created for them: logos; layouts; illustrations. When I create in my own style I get the feedback; “I wanted something artistic”. What this really means is I don’t know what I want or Read my mind. In one case I tried to get an idea of what they wanted by trying to ask some targeted questions. The response was ” I will know it when I see it“.

First of all I take issue with the idea that artistic has to fit their definition. What is artistic is as subjective and wide open as the universe itself. Second, for anyone to think that “I will know it when I see it” is constructive or helpful in achieving anything is beyond the absurd. Do other professions have to deal with these kind of things?

It all comes down to communication. As a society we are so conditioned to doing things quickly and having them immediately  that we have forgotten how to articulate direction. The irony is that ultimately we waste more time to get the results we were after.


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