Our Element was declared totaled this week. Yes it is just a car, but it was the perfect car for Dan and I. It fit us on a lot of different levels. The designer in me appreciated the well thought out features; seats  that could fold up or move out to haul artwork, flea market finds and luggage. Sometimes all at once! The artist in me liked the roominess for schlepping my art supplies including my fan base, Dan. Yes, it was not a car of luxury but that is really not my style. It was a car that fit our do it yourself, can do lifestyle.

It is sad to me that they no longer make the Element (2011 was its last year in production). It is also unconscionable that options for better gas mileage in this category of vehicles has not improved in the 8 years since we bought the Element. You either have to pay twice as much and buy a hybrid or settle for the same. When SUVs and station wagons are such a big portion of the car market how is that possible?


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  1. I’m so sorry that your Element was totaled! How sad and so very frustrating. You are so right it is frustrating about the gas mileage of these cars (and SUV’s). Nothing has really changed in decades, it seems.

    I hope you find another vehicle soon! Good luck in your search!

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