kaboom, be thankful!


We are still in recovery mode here in CT. If you are a tree lover (and I am) these are sad days. The recent premature snowfall (snowmageddon) left our trees shattered. It is like Edward Scissorhands ran through every neighborhood. Piles of branches sit curbside at every home. What is not down is in need of attention. Everywhere you turn there are trees that will need to come down as they have been seriously damaged. So sad!

I could complain about all the inconveniences that this brought into our lives with 9 days of no power, no phone, no internet. Instead I would like to say how lucky we were that family and neighbors were with us through this ordeal. People opened their doors and offered what they could. As we get ready for Thanksgiving let’s remember how much we take for granted and be truly grateful that we rarely go without. Let’s be thankful.

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