There seem to be layers of evolution in becoming an artist just as there are to a work of art. We begin with the need for expression and move onto exploring our hows and whys. At some point there is the hurdle of adopting the name “artist”. After that? For me it comes down to a dialogue of what makes my art mine? What is my vocabulary? How do I be true to myself through my artwork?

Pictured is one example of a work that had an identity crisis. Created a few years ago the work no longer resonated with my artistic vision. What you now see (and it is not quite done here) is a completely new work. There is a hint of the old underneath but it has been re-worked to reflect my current artistic voice. Now I feel like it is consistent with my journey and authentic to my artistic voice. I suspect in a few years I will still be good with it.



  1. Great work Gretchen, and wonderful thoughts.

  2. Thanks Marie,
    Great to see you today. I think this is right up our alley in terms of tackling the next art frontier!
    Best wishes – G

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