When I put mindful on my list of artful thinking it was simply about awareness. In the process of making it is important to come back to being aware of what you are doing. It is how we learn and how we find direction through our work and to the next artwork.

In the past few weeks as I have thought more about being mindful, I have come to realize that what seems simple is actually quite complex. There is a precarious line between conscious and subconscious inherent to the creative process. Allowing the subconscious to be the driving force can be exhilarating as much as it can be the pitfall to the success of a piece. The reverse is true for being conscious. We can be so consumed by our thoughts and intentions that we become stilted.
So what is the answer? I think the answer is finding balance. Practicing your art to the extent that mindfulness becomes almost subconscious.

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  1. I really agree with what you’re saying here too – I can relate very much to the idea of needing to find balance – when it’s going well I think you allow the flow of your subconscious, like a sort of dream time, & yet all that you’ve ever learned or experienced is still playing its part in what you’re doing.

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