be Adventurous


I suspect that adventure is one of the reasons we do art. There is a quality to the process that is bigger than the act of creating. It transports us.

Adventure also means breaking out of your mold and trying different things; techniques, colors, mediums, surfaces, tools . . . the possibilities are endless. My favorite way to tap my sense of adventure is to try something new. Usually it begins with a trip to the art supply store (the hardware store or even grocery store can be an extra challenge). I choose something completely new to work with. Adding to your experience as an artist is always a positive thing and it’s fun!!!

One comment

  1. I’m with you on the sense of adventure being one of the reasons we make art – what’s more exhilarating than exploring the unknown, right? Love the imagery and color in this piece – your color palettes of all your work are full of emotion, great work!

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