What does success mean as an artist?

Society would measure success by tangibles; shows and sales of our artwork. Perhaps fame as well. While there is nothing wrong with these, it is important to recognize that true success is less tangible. There is the success of a piece – is it balanced? are you happy with it? is it fully resolved? And there is the success of you, the artist – what did you learn? does the work reveal your intentions?

For my work to be successful I need to feel that I fully resolved the work and it represents my artistic vision. I also like to feel that I got something out of the journey. The best is when I have dared to push myself (BOLD), tried new things and discovered new means of expression (ADVENTUROUS) all while keeping in mind my artistic goals (MINDFUL) balanced with what is true to  my artistic soul (AUTHENTIC). Yes, money and opportunity are all lovely things but true success has to evolve from expressing yourself and keeping your vision.

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  1. I totally agree – my dad was a painter, and he used to call the mass-produced paintings ‘pot boilers’! If our art is adventurous and authentic, it will be timeless, and we become more fulfilled for having done it. Maybe those who see our art will, too! =D

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