Control Freak


An artist I know was unhappy with how her work had been represented in a magazine article. She suggested that it might be better to keep her circle tighter, smaller, so she would not lose control. By shrinking her world to those “who got her” she would be able to have things the way she wanted.

The idea that we could, should or even can control how our work is presented in the world left me gobsmacked. There is always risk involved with putting your work out there. The business of art is fraught with many potential pitfalls and unscrupulous characters. But interaction is also one of the rewards of being an artist. If you don’t take the risk then what are you creating for? Who are you creating for? Yes, we can aim to have it done our way but I would also suggest that we miss an opportunity if we always get our way.


  1. I love this thought. There is so much truth in what you say. Now, if only I could learn to let go of some of my own control. How great could it be?

  2. Sorry for the delay Alex, Yes – – – how great could that be? I think the inclination to create is a paradox. On one hand we long to satisfy our need to create on the other, we have to let it go and be free. Like having children I think. It is not easy to let go. We have to be brave. How do we get there? I think we take it one day at a time. G

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