Cool Tools


CoolToolsMy mind is currently wrapped around a new piece (30 x 30 – this is large for me and my small studio space). Today I made some tweaks to the work and the thought struck me that it might be good to share a couple of my favorite tools. While these are more likely to be thought of as manicure tools rather than those in your studio, I can no longer work without them nearby. Their uses are endless but here is how they are working for me;

1) Sanding block – This mini block is great for minor sanding jobs. I also use emery boards but the chunkiness of this block is a bit easier to use on a flat surface . . . and you get 4 sides and some nice corners to work with (be sure to wear a dust mask when you sand).

2) Orange Sticks – Typically used for working magic on your cuticles these babies work for burnishing, holding things down while you glue and even making textures in paint or molding paste.

3) Q-tips – I originally began using these for removing that tiny extra bit of paint that was just too much for the artwork. I have come to adore the Q-tip for blending and softening, adding as well as subtracting. You can tap into your inner George Seurat as well.


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