Telling Stories; the story



I have been working on this piece (detail above) called Telling Stories. The challenge I set for myself was to go bigger. Could I expand what I do onto a larger canvas? 30″ is about the largest I can fit in my limited space. I have to say it was a satisfying experience and I now long to go even larger. Maybe someday when space lends itself.

The title comes from sitting in a number of critiques and workshops where my fellow artists see narrative, seemingly in every piece. I do not derive my connection to art this way, especially not my own. There is always a journey through my pieces from beginning to end but it is not a story. I guess it is about process, composition, materials and technique. The final work offers up various clues to items that tease the viewer to construct their own story. I want my work to connect for people through their own experience not mine. If that means there is a story in it, so be it.



  1. I LOVE *Telling Stories* ! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks Terri,
    The whole thing is about to be posted.


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