Life is too busy to not have a bit of fun every day!

Welcome to my blog. As a creative person this is just one more way for me to express myself, share with others and squeeze more fun into my world. I spend my days balancing work (graphic design), creative pursuits (mixed media art/gardening/cooking) and taking care of home and family. At home family is just my husband and myself but like many mid-century moderns, I have seniors to take care of. Anyone dealing with aging parents will tell you, the road is full of unexpected bumps, twists and turns. As in all things, keeping a sense of humor is essential.

I will write more about my art and creative pursuits in future blogs. I look forward to sharing with you and hearing your feedback.



  1. I love your blog–and I am excited to follow it! Thank you for sharing it with me! Senior moments are right on target—who hasn’t had the remote control conversation??

  2. Thanks Mary and thanks for being my first comment!
    Remote Boat 2 will soon be posted. As with all senior moments – they seem to repeat quite often!

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