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Comfort Food – soups on!


With the cooler weather the stove is on. Here is one of my favorite week night meals perfect for warming up, Tortellini en Brodo. I keep good broth on hand as well as cheese tortellini. Heat the broth, cook the pasta and bon appetit. To make it a bit more interesting head to the fridge and rummage through your veggies. Here zucchini, scallions, fresh diced tomatoes and baby spinach joined the pot. Sprinkled with a little Romano cheese at the end. Now that really is bon appetit in a bowl!


The End of the Affair


My life has hit so many speed bumps lately I feel like I am on a ride at the amusement park. I usually love grocery shopping but when time after time you can’t get what you came for, the romance is over.

Our Whole Foods market opened in 2005. As a cook and a food lover I was ecstatic. Finally, a grocery store with quality ingredients, a range of organic foods, local ingredients. Dan and I were quickly hooked. In the past 6 years we have found wonderful people and food at WFM. Yes I shopped at other stores but certain ingredients were better at WFM. Based on these convictions I persuaded friends and family to shop there.

“You know this meat has so much flavor” my Mom told me.

“I know!” I replied. We were all so happy.

Then it happened. Over and over and again and again. The cheese I had grown to love was no longer carried. “Try this one.” the WFM Team Member told me. We went from Pepper Colby to Colby, then from one Swiss to another and finally to Emmenthaler. Now we no longer can get the Emmenthaler despite going round and round with the CSR (who was great by the way) who assured me the items were in stock. One problem, when I told the deli department that I had spoken to her, I was rebuffed with a form of “she does not tell us what to do.”

Today I went to get some cans of beans. Cannellini was my first choice. The shelf was bare. Black beans or chick peas perhaps? No and no. Yes, they did have the pricier organic chick peas but in addition to the extra 30¢ per can they were not sodium free. Ok, we will have hamburgers. No 85% ground beef. Not in the prepackaged case, nor in the butcher’s case. No American cheese. What about that rice mix I like? No, that was out too. This unfortunately has become the norm for Whole Foods Market. And that was just Wednesday at 3:30 pm. Can you imagine what 5 pm on Saturday is like?

My quick dash through the market did spy price increases all over the store. If they had the 85% ground beef it would be $1 more per lb than last year. And my favorite chocolate? 40¢ a bar more than last year.

Sigh. It was so much better than this once upon a time.




ahhh, the end of summer. Delicious!


Tastes of Summer I


grill ready !


Hug the Earth!


In the past year we have wreaked havoc on Mother Earth. With wars, oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico and now radiation pouring out in Japan, do we need more evidence that we need to conquer our destructive ways?

Once upon a time we were invigorated to save our planet. I would like to recommend we revisit that state of being. I truly believe that we can all make small changes. If we all make half a dozen small adjustments, we will make a difference.

Four or five years ago Dan and I started traveling with our own shopping bags, using CFL’s, unplugged our electrics when not in use and tried to buy locally grown food as often as possible. We already were growing vegetables and herbs in the garden. Sure it was difficult at first. We’d sometimes forget the bag or leave the toaster plugged in. But these small contributions are a way of life now. Are we perfect? Absolutely not. I hope some day to be able to afford the big ticket items that really contribute; solar panels, geo thermal, or a hybrid. But every drop in the bucket counts.

Let’s embrace Mother Earth today and every day. She has sustained us thus far. Let’s help her sustain future generations as well. Happy Earth day!


We Love You Mark Bittman


This week Mark Bittman published his last Minimalist column for the New York Times. It is the end of an era and one I am already remembering fondly with a sad sigh of loss.

I was given a copy of How to Cook Everything back in the nineties. The simple, functional recipes have made it one of my go-to cookbooks among the  hundreds that inhabit our house. There are a select few that make the well worn go-to pile; The Moosewood Cookbook, The Way to Cook, and How to Eat are ones that come to mind. All of these sport the wear of diehard use. Mr. Bittman’s books however, have managed to top the pile. Both the original version and the vegetarian version are where I look first for meal ideas, recipe solutions, and menu inspiration.

Each week I have anticipated the column’s next topic and recipe. Even when it became clear that the last thing I needed was another recipe he would suck me in and tempt with something new, be it recipe or ingredient. MexicanChocolate Tofu pudding? Farro? Pot Stickers? Flatbread? All are now part of my repertoire.

The thing about food is two-fold; we need to eat and we like to eat delicious food. The Minimalist has inspired us to do both and do it better. Most of all what we have learned is to not take it too seriously. It is just food after all and there is always another meal ahead.

Thank you Mark Bittman.




Hello Blog readers!

I have returned from vacation. Here is a picture of one of the many blissful discoveries on this past trip to Maine (yes, I go there a lot). This time we discovered Beach Pea Bakery in Kittery (South of the traffic loop on Rte 1). Delicious!

We loved it so much that we returned on our way home. The picture is of Fougasse. A fancy form of focaccia is the best way I can describe it. It was the perfect hostess gift to bring to our hosts. It is as good as it looks and lasts for a couple of days if you can resist it.