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Earth day 2012


Remember when earth day meant something other than a date on the calendar? Me too.

I have been thinking a lot about our planet and what our responsibility is to her. We are grateful are we not? I think we owe her mindfulness. Consciousness of what we consume, how it is consumed and how it goes back to her. Can we agree to think about our consumption? This is the root of what we impose on our planet. Is it not our responsibility to take  care of her?

Happy earth day.


kaboom, be thankful!


We are still in recovery mode here in CT. If you are a tree lover (and I am) these are sad days. The recent premature snowfall (snowmageddon) left our trees shattered. It is like Edward Scissorhands ran through every neighborhood. Piles of branches sit curbside at every home. What is not down is in need of attention. Everywhere you turn there are trees that will need to come down as they have been seriously damaged. So sad!

I could complain about all the inconveniences that this brought into our lives with 9 days of no power, no phone, no internet. Instead I would like to say how lucky we were that family and neighbors were with us through this ordeal. People opened their doors and offered what they could. As we get ready for Thanksgiving let’s remember how much we take for granted and be truly grateful that we rarely go without. Let’s be thankful.


The End of the Affair


My life has hit so many speed bumps lately I feel like I am on a ride at the amusement park. I usually love grocery shopping but when time after time you can’t get what you came for, the romance is over.

Our Whole Foods market opened in 2005. As a cook and a food lover I was ecstatic. Finally, a grocery store with quality ingredients, a range of organic foods, local ingredients. Dan and I were quickly hooked. In the past 6 years we have found wonderful people and food at WFM. Yes I shopped at other stores but certain ingredients were better at WFM. Based on these convictions I persuaded friends and family to shop there.

“You know this meat has so much flavor” my Mom told me.

“I know!” I replied. We were all so happy.

Then it happened. Over and over and again and again. The cheese I had grown to love was no longer carried. “Try this one.” the WFM Team Member told me. We went from Pepper Colby to Colby, then from one Swiss to another and finally to Emmenthaler. Now we no longer can get the Emmenthaler despite going round and round with the CSR (who was great by the way) who assured me the items were in stock. One problem, when I told the deli department that I had spoken to her, I was rebuffed with a form of “she does not tell us what to do.”

Today I went to get some cans of beans. Cannellini was my first choice. The shelf was bare. Black beans or chick peas perhaps? No and no. Yes, they did have the pricier organic chick peas but in addition to the extra 30¢ per can they were not sodium free. Ok, we will have hamburgers. No 85% ground beef. Not in the prepackaged case, nor in the butcher’s case. No American cheese. What about that rice mix I like? No, that was out too. This unfortunately has become the norm for Whole Foods Market. And that was just Wednesday at 3:30 pm. Can you imagine what 5 pm on Saturday is like?

My quick dash through the market did spy price increases all over the store. If they had the 85% ground beef it would be $1 more per lb than last year. And my favorite chocolate? 40¢ a bar more than last year.

Sigh. It was so much better than this once upon a time.




ahhh, the end of summer. Delicious!





Tastes of Summer I


grill ready !


Dear Ruth


Ruth lived across the street and up the hill from the first house I ever lived in. She also attended the same church as my family. She was tiny, maybe 5 feet tall. She worked downtown, took the bus and enjoyed UConn basketball games and Whalers hockey. She never let meager means or ailing health hold her back.

Long ago at a church tag sale I purchased some 1940’s pink glasses from Ruth. When Dan and I bought our house a year or so later, Ruth had run across the matching pitcher and gave it to us as a gift. It was so thoughtful. I still only bring the set out for special occasions. To thank Ruth I clipped a bouquet of these roses, placed them in an odd glass that I had and left them for her with a thank you note. She said it was the prettiest bouquet she had ever received.

Ruth has been gone for several years now. The roses were in bloom the other day and looking quite beautiful. Something so simple that made her smile. She never would presume to be remembered but I remember. I remember dear Ruth and her generous heart each time these roses are in bloom. Thank you Ruth!